Welcome to the information and application site of the online course: Diaspora investment in agribusiness
Offered by the African Diaspora Policy Centre (ADPC) and The Network University (TNU)

This site outlines the main features of the course, including:

  • The aims of the course
  • The target audience
  • Information about ADPC and TNU
  • Our didactical approach
  • The application and registration process for the course in January 2017

Productivity in agriculture has to increase to feed 10 billion people in the world by 2050. The steepest population increase will take place in Africa. Food security can only be reached if production of millions of smallholders can increase at the same pace.

The diaspora sends billions of dollars home. Some of this money could be invested to increase the productivity in agribusiness and boost the income of producers, who would become less dependent on remittances.

The present online programme provides a number of ideas that can be used in discussions between migrants and relatives who engage in agriculture, processing and marketing. It concentrates on small initiatives which are within reach of migrant households.

Many migrants invest in land. This is not the focus of the present programme. The focus is on a better use of existant farmland and on all further steps – “from farm to fork”.

The term “agribusiness” stands for all the phases of agricultural production from the preparation of the soil to the storage, transport, and the selling of the processed products.

Most examples in this programme are taken from an African context, but many ideas are also relevant in other countries where smallholders account for a large share in agricultural production.